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Over the course of the night, Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted seven of 45 rockets, the military said. At least five projectiles fell within Israeli communities, two landing near a community center and one next to a kindergarten where children later arrived for the last day of the school year, officials said. The kindergarten, “the second to be struck by mortars launched from Gaza in the past two weeks, has a reinforced ceiling,” Conricus said. In response, Israeli fighter jets hit 25 targets belonging to Hamas, the militia that governs the Palestinian territory. The night-long salvo followed two Israeli air force strikes against infrastructure belonging to Hamas on Tuesday. One of the targets, the Israeli military revealed on its Twitter feed, was a previously unreported Hamas “underground training compound.” The Israeli strikes came in response to an ongoing wave of burning balloons and kites being launched from Gaza into Israel. On Tuesday, Israeli authorities battled more than 20 “arson fires,” as Conricus called them, that were set by the balloons and kites. More fires broke out Wednesday. At least twice Israeli aircraft “fired shots near a group of Palestinians who were launching arson balloons from the southern Gaza Strip into Israeli territory,” the army said.

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