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Dave Roberts remains himself amid pressure to change

“I just think that it goes back to how I have to be true to who I am,” Roberts said. “Am I aware that fans would like me to yell and scream like Tommy Lasorda? Yeah. But that’s not who I am. If I do choose to react that way and it’s not authentic, it’s all for naught with the players, and that’s who most has to be affected by my actions or reactions.” The players appreciate that, especially Kenley Jansen. The All-Star closer was sidelined for 11 days with a heart condition, a period over which the Dodgers endured some particularly horrific late-inning meltdowns. “Doc was checking in every day,” Jansen said of Roberts. As Jansen blamed himself for the losses, Roberts reminded him that the situation was out of his control. As Jansen worried about the team’s place in the standings, Roberts reiterated that his health and family are more important than baseball. The conversations relieved Jansen of his angst.

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The newspaper cited three unnamed sources as having confirmed the authenticity of documents. The New York Times report said Bennett’s letter of intent to sue laid out his account of the encounter: He arrived at the hotel with a family member and Argento asked the family member to leave. When they were alone, she kissed him, removed his pants and performed oral sex, and then had sex with him, the document stated, according to the newspaper. The newspaper reported that the settlement, paid in installments, secured the copyright for photos Bennett took during the alleged incident. On the day of the alleged incident, Argento herself posted a photo on Instagram showing her hugging Bennett, referring to him as “My son, my love,” and included the month and year. Argento emerged as a powerful figure in the #MeToo movement last fall after telling the New Yorker that during the Cannes Film Festival in 1997, Weinstein invited her to his hotel, came out in a bathrobe and sexually assaulted her. At this year’s festival, she delivered a bold speech about the experience. Bennett’s attorney Gordon Sattro said in a statement that his client does not yet have a comment on the reported allegation. “Jimmy is going to take the next 24 hours or longer to prepare his response,” Sattro said.

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