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James Estrin Koenig arrives around noon, leaves around midnight, and examines every plate of food served. Tom Colicchio, Craft’s owner and founding chef, no longer cooks regularly at the restaurant. He has other kitchens to tend to, along with events and a television career. But he keeps his hand in with private dinners and special events in the restaurant’s private dining room. The wineglasses at Craft are wiped and polished many times before a customer ever sees them. Kelvin Puello, a front waiter, tends to a spot late in the evening, as dinner service winds down. Each night ends with accounting and garbage. Edward Farley, a captain, counts tips. Then, at 12:59 a.m., the last of the trash is taken out to the street by Rick Taveras, a night porter. The restaurant is locked until Mr. Ramirez, the head porter, returns a few hours later to start a new day.

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