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Internet Renegade Kim Dotcom Loses Appeal on Extradition to U.S.

Mr. Dotcom is a high-profile figure in New Zealand, known for his lavish public parties and displays of wealth, and for releasing an album and bankrolling an unsuccessful political party ahead of the country’s 2014 election. The Court of Appeal said in its decision that the United States’ case against Mr. Dotcom and his associates — Matthias Ortmann, Bram van der Kolk and Finn Batato — was “both admissible and sufficient” to allow for the extradition of the four men. They face decades in prison if convicted in American courts. The decision means that a New Zealand lawmaker, the country’s justice minister, Andrew Little, will decide whether Mr. Dotcom should be extradited after any Supreme Court appeals are exhausted. Mr. Dotcom said in a statement he was “confident” the Supreme Court would hear the case “given there are such significant legal issues at stake.” Mr. Dotcom, who is from Germany and was originally named Kim Schmitz, was granted New Zealand residency on an investor visa in 2009 after having lived in Hong Kong. Last year, he reached a settlement with the New Zealand police over a 2012 raid on his property that resulted in his arrest to face the United States charges.

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His death is a blow to HNA, which is trying to tame its debt of more than $90 billion. CreditIsaac Lawrence/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images • A watershed moment for gay rights in Asia. Hong Kong’s top court ruled that committed same-sex couples had the same rights to spousal visas as heterosexual couples. Advocates said the decision could have ripple effects in advancing gay rights. Banks and law firms had pushed for such recognition to lure and keep top talent. The same Soviet-developed strain of nerve agent that poisoned an ex-Russian spy and his daughter in Britain four months ago has critically sickened two more people , the police said. Health officials in the Salisbury area had been on the alert for remaining traces of the substance. The authorities have begun a large-scale security investigation. • “We must protect those who protect us.” That was President Trump in a mostly on-message speech at a resort in West Virginia this week that celebrated the service of military members — and the talents of professional golfers. We also fact-checked Mr. Trump’s latest tweetstorm, a medley of Fox News-inspired posts that spanned a range of foreign and domestic issues and attacked his perceived rivals.

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