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The company installed New York-born John Carroll, who previously oversaw the Baltimore Sun, to oversee the Times; Carroll hired Dean Baquet, then the New York Times’ national editor, as his deputy. Media pundits widely applauded these hires as well. Carroll and Baquet immediately set out to transform the Times into a West Coast version of the New York Times, emphasizing investigative reporting and cutting back significantly on local coverage. They gutted the Orange County bureau from 200 reporters to 20, dismissing the coverage as “marketing.” They also brought in a slew of other prominent East Coast editors and fired veteran journalists with longstanding ties to L.A. and California. Five years into his tenure, Baquet unashamedly told the New Yorker, “We still haven’t mastered making the paper feel like it is edited in Los Angeles.” Under Carroll and Baquet, the Times was awarded scores of Pulitzer Prizes. An investigative piece from their era impressively presaged the #metoo movement: In cheapest online shopping sites 2003, the Times reported that Arnold Schwarzenegger, then the front-runner in a gubernatorial recall election, repeatedly groped and humiliated women. While Carroll and Baquet impressed their journalist friends back east, the Times under their leadership lost about 10 percent of its readers. Not surprisingly, the Tribune company began demanding significant cutbacks, which Carroll and Baquet resisted. Among journalists, Carroll and Baquet are still heralded as martyrs for quitting rather than executing all the Tribune’s requested bloodletting. The Times on Sunday allowed Baquet, now the executive editor of the New York Times, to trash the Tribune management that installed Carroll and him as “really terrible owners.” But he didn’t mention his own culpability, including alienating readers by significantly cutting back on local news.

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Trump administration tightens rules for federal scientists talking to reporters

Trump administration tightens rules for federal scientists talking to reporters … In the 44 years I was with the agency, I was never required to go through anyone for authorization to speak with a reporter,” said William Ellsworth, former chief scientist of the USGS’ earthquake hazards team and now a professor of geophysics at Stanford University. “The USGS is a nonpolitical science agency. … These new roadblocks will not help them fulfill their mission.” “You’re hamstringing the ability of the organization to listen to the needs of the public,” said Ross Stein, a USGS scientist emeritus and adjunct professor of geophysics at Stanford University. Kate Kelly, a former director of communications at the Department of the Interior during the Obama administration, said it’s a problem when political appointees are put in a position where they can require scientists to obtain approval before speaking to journalists. “This policy, if it’s in fact being implemented as such, has a lot of concerning implications. It essentially gives political appointees veto power over science, scientists and information that the American people should have access to,” Kelly said. “That introduces questions about what scientists are able to say, and whether what they’re sharing is some mangled version of the truth.” Some also expressed concern about how the work of federal scientists is being affected in the Trump administration. The Center for Investigative Reporting wrote about the deletion of every mention of humans causing climate change in a draft report for the National Park Service; the references were later restored. The Washington Post reported on the deletion from a USGS news release about the role climate change played in rising sea levels and reductions in the number of scientists allowed to attend key conferences where they can share their work and learn new things.

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