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The Los Angeles Conservancy, the city’s most prominent preservation group, is not formally involved in the campaign but supports the effort, President Linda Dishman said. She declined to comment further until the review process is underway. If there is debate, it is most likely to center on the 1973 addition. By contrast, the 1930s building is a popular tourist attraction and the 1940s tower designed by Rowland H. Crawford is noted for its late Art Deco appeal. But the late-modern-style Times Mirror Building hasn’t elicited the same reverence. Part of that may be the result of Pereira’s reputation, according to architect and historian Alan Hess, who is among the signers of the historic preservation application. “He had this label given to him that he was Hollywood’s idea of an architect,” Hess said, citing a critic at the San Francisco Chronicle who decades ago zinged Pereira for his good looks, chauffeured Bentleys and steady female companionship. Pereira was viewed as a “corporate” architect, Hess said, and hence not a serious one in the eyes of critics.

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Harlan Ellison dies at 84; acclaimed science fiction writer was known for combative style

Harlan Ellison dies at 84; acclaimed science fiction writer was known for combative style “I put him in a hold that I had learned from Bruce Lee. I took him to his knees. Then I duck-walked him back to his door,” Ellison told The Times’ Carolyn Kellogg in 2013. “I picked up a chair and threw it…. It bounced around the room.” The publisher had scrambled behind his desk and was dialing the phone. “I jumped on the desk and ripped the phone out of the wall.” Then he came to his senses and left for a TV appearance. Harlan Ellison, with fans, getting a haircut before a 2013 book signing. (Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times) While writing for the 1960s TV series “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea,” he later recalled, he went after an ABC executive by climbing onto the conference table in producer Irwin Allen’s office. He then slipped on the table’s highly polished surface and caught the executive in the throat with his fist. He was accused of grabbing writer Connie Willis’ breasts during the Hugo Awards in 2006, angering many women in the science fiction community. Ellison disputed the charge (but it seemed to be captured on video ).

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