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What is the Best Choice To Do Savings in Shopping - In-store or online shopping

What is the Best Choice To Do Savings in Shopping - In-store or online shopping The buying process itself can be divided into phases such as before, during and after the purchase. Shopping methods have choices between alternative shopping methods (for example online or in-store), which is followed by research on product information, tests and reviews. These processes are well facilitated in online shopping as customers can get to review information by reading customer feedback then and there. The information is usually about product quality during the transaction phase and during the transport or delivery of the product which takes place in the post-transaction phase, as well as the use of customer service. Together these phases form one shopping cycle that can be repeated or canceled if it does not lead to a satisfactory purchase of the desired product. For online shopping, it can be a hassle to return the product which can incur additional costs and for in-store shopping, arrangements can be made with the shopper keeper prior purchase if the product experience is unsatisfactory. However, the main factor is still the saving aspect in both online and in-store shopping. In-store shopping also accommodates other commercial activities such as promotional offers of BTL activities which cannot be done in online shopping. As a result, a hybrid form of shop-in-store and (physical) purchases may occur which can give the customers some experience of in-store shopping such as virtually trying out the product to see how good it would look good on you, for example; eyeglasses or fashion accessories which can be tailored or customized on your virtual appearance. Online shopping also has an advantage for customers to search online for product information , evaluate the product chosen in the store and buy online.

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