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Temperatures remained around 100 degrees as the fire fight moved into the night. Powerful evening winds were pushing the blaze, which authorities said began as a structure fire, in different directions. Authorities said 10-20 homes were lost and Santa Barbara County issued a local emergency proclamation. Firefighters were still battling that blaze Saturday morning. A fast-moving fire in the San Bernardino National Forest on Friday afternoon prompted authorities to call for the mandatory evacuation of the town of Forest Falls. The fire was more than 200 acres and was burning quickly into the San Gorgonio Wilderness, according to the San Bernardino County Fire Department. Another blaze at Camp Pendleton sparked more evacuations, while smaller fires broke out in the Cajon Pass, Angeles National Forest, Montecito Heights, Sylmar and Pacoima. It was a grim beginning to what fire officials have warned will be another year of extreme fire danger as much of Southern California remains under drought conditions. Last year was the worst fire season on record in California, with thousands of homes lost and dozens killed from Northern California wine country south to Los Angeles and San Diego counties.

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