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Soon-Shiong on Monday announced that he’s appointed veteran New York journalist Norm Pearlstine to oversee the once proud publication and restore some of its former glory. Pearlstine’s bona fides are impressive as they come: Stints at leading New York-based business media organizations, including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Bloomberg. He also served as chief content officer at Time Inc., which once had a stable of more than 150 magazine titles, including Time, People, Sports Illustrated and Fortune. Not surprisingly, Pearlstine’s appointment has been applauded by his fellow East Coast Establishment journalists. But Angelenos with long memories — or with basic Google skills — may sense something eerily familiar about Pearlstine’s appointment. It was the hiring of acclaimed East Coast editors nearly two decades ago that precipitated the downward spiral of the Times, a period of history the Times has rewritten or faultily remembers. best online shopping sites for women’s clothing As recounted in a 2005 New Yorker article by Ken Auletta , the Times when it was owned by the Chandler family was a world class publication with bureaus across the U.S. and around the world. But it was fundamentally a “cops and courts” newspaper, devoting considerable resources and space to local news.

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