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For 2017, the company was set to receive about $215 million in California alone. UnitedHealth Group Inc., too, is supposed to get $217 million in payments just in New York. Jefferies Group analyst David Windley and BMO Capital Markets analyst Matt Borsch both predict negative short-time effects for Anthem, though Borsch said the company is unlikely to see any material effect on its earnings, given that less than 5% of its revenue comes from marketplace plans. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said it will provide more information soon on how insurers should handle other issues tied to risk-adjustment payments. The agency typically would give insurers information about their 2017 payments in June 2018, and then move the funds in the fall. The Trump administration could resolve the situation by issuing a new rule for the risk-adjustment program that addresses issues raised by the judge’s ruling in the New Mexico case, said Katie Keith, who consults on healthcare issues and blogs for the journal Health Affairs. The legal situation won’t affect the risk-adjustment program in 2019 because the administration already issued a new regulation for next year that accounts for the issues in the New Mexico case, Keith wrote. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday that he directed the state’s Department of Financial Services to review the effect of the decision, and, if needed, prepare to implement and expand a risk-readjustment program for New York if the federal program isn’t reinstated. 4:40 p.m., July 9: This article was updated more details on the effect of the subsidy cut-off on Molina Healthcare, Centene Corp., Anthem Inc.

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The Fourth of July brings some of the year's worst air pollution. You can thank fireworks

. from firework activities that are entirely preventable,” Samir Sheikh, the district’s deputy air pollution control officer said in a news release. In Southern California, the eruption of smoke from fireworks adds to what is already some of the nation’s worst-polluted air. All those extra fine particles in the air concern experts and regulators because they are an especially harmful type of pollution. PM2.5 can penetrate deep in the lungs and trigger heart attacks, strokes and other adverse health effects. Most vulnerable are children, the elderly and those with existing heart and lung diseases. Fourth of July pollution may pose even greater risks compared with typical smog because it contains higher concentrations of toxic metals like barium and copper that are used in fireworks to generate bright colors, said Jun Wu, a professor of public health at UC Irvine who has studied the effects of air pollution. “Those vulnerable populations may have a higher burden than usual,” Wu said. “It’s not just during the half an hour of fireworks; these particles float in the air for a few days or even a week.” To protect yourself, Wu and others suggest watching fireworks shows away from any plumes of smoke and keeping children’s windows closed while they sleep on the evening of the Fourth of July.

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