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Opinion | NATO Matters. This Is Why. - The New York Times

It does. It remains the most successful military alliance in history, the anchor of an American-led and American-financed peace that fostered Western prosperity and prevented new world wars. No one has proposed anything credible to improve upon it. But as the allies gather in Brussels this week for their annual meeting, many are wondering whether the American president is intent on wrecking it. Born after World War II, NATO linked America and Europe not just in a mutual defense pledge but in advancing democratic governance, the rule of law, civil and human rights, and an increasingly open international economy. The alliance was the core of an American-led liberal world order that extended to Asia and relied on a web of international institutions, including the United Nations and the World Bank. American military protection gave the allies space to develop their economies and pluralistic societies. Despite compromises and occasional failures, the experiment was broadly successful. During its existence, NATO has often been strained as the security and political environment evolved. After the Cold War, it found a new purpose, defending Muslims in the Balkans , and after 9/11, helping the United States fight terrorists in Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa and elsewhere. Former Communist countries swelled the alliance from 12 members to 29 , with others knocking on the door even now, concerned about an aggrieved and aggressive Russia.

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LEE , ALICIA PARLAPIANO and KAREN YOURISH In choosing Brett M. Kavanaugh, 53, to replace Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, President Trump opted for a Washington insider who , according to at least one measure, may be less conservative than Mr. Trump’s first Supreme Court nominee, Neil M. Gorsuch. How Kavanaugh’s Ideology Compares With Other Federal Judges Neil M. Gorsuch, the president’s first Supreme Court appointee Based on the campaign finance scores of all current and former federal district and court of appeals judges nominated since 1980. |Source: Database on Ideology, Money in Politics, and Elections ; Adam Bonica, Stanford University Department of Political Science; Maya Sen, Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government; Adam Chilton and Kyle Rozema, University of Chicago Law School. According to an analysis based on political donations given before becoming a federal judge, Judge Kavanaugh is estimated to be more conservative than 66 percent of all other current and former federal judges nominated since 1980. Using the same measure, Justice Gorsuch was estimated to be more conservative than 85 percent.

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