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“We’re not just parking professionals anymore; we’re parking, transportation and mobility professionals.” Those three buzzwords encompass a litany of challenges facing the industry. Uber and Lyft have shaken things up in recent years. Autonomous cars — which don’t need to be parked near a person’s destination, since the vehicles can just drive themselves away after the riders get out — are about to wreak havoc on the status quo. There’s also the crucial issue of “curb management”: local governments’ policies on who gets to use the valuable space at the side of the road. Space at the curb can be used for driving, paid parking, free parking, drop-off zones, valet areas and food trucks, but it can’t host all those things at once. Decisions about who gets priority have ripple effects on all players in the transportation industry. “We’re moving from parking to a broader set of responsibilities,” Estey said. “We need to figure out how people move around urban areas.” A report released by the International Parking Institute tracking reasons for radical change in the parking industry found that 62% of the parking professionals surveyed said ride-hailing companies are a major factor. Additionally, half of the responses said there’s a demand for mobile applications that provide real-time information on parking pricing and availability.

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