However, his director of communications, Mike Brown, has told LifeSite that his activities are under “review” by the archdiocese. Now LifeSite has verified that, in the months since the archdiocese’s director of communications assured LifeSite that the deacon’s articles for the Bay Area Reporter were “part of the review process” being applied to him, the deacon has continued to write movie reviews and other articles for the newspaper that speak approvingly of obscene movies about homosexual relationships and even directly attack the Catholic faith. Archbishop Cordileone’s apparent acceptance of Bromberger’s job as a writer for the Bay Area Reporter is in stark contrast to his numerous public statements condemning homosexual behavior and homosexual “marriage.” Archbishop Cordileone’s reputation has been so strong in this regard that he was made the chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Subcommittee for the Promotion and Defense of Marriage. As of 2017 he is no longer a member of the committee. WARNING: MUCH DISTURBING AND OBSCENE MATERIAL FOLLOWS, PARTICULARLY IN LINKED MATERIAL Recent Bromberger articles for the Bay Area Reporter have included a sympathetic review of a book about a homosexual who died of AIDS, in which Bromberger calls the homosexual’s mother a “Catholic fanatic” for inducing him to repent of his sodomy before he died, and writes disparagingly about Catholic teachings on homosexuality in general. In his review of the homoerotic movie “God’s own Country,” Bromberger gives a positive account  of two men having sex on a farm in the mud, and lets the reader know that he’ll be able to see their body fluids as well: “The gay sexuality here is realistic, along with casual nudity, so there is no doubt that these two men are passionate for each other. The film is raw and naturalistic, and we see every body fluid, human and animal.” In his review of the homosexual “teen romance” film “Center of my World,” Bromberger approvingly describes  scenes of two male teenagers copulating with each other. “Phil watches Nicholas on the track field and they become friendly,” writes Bromberger. “Phil realizes they’d met years back as kids in a grocery store.

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INDIA-INTERNET-FACEBOOK-WHATSAPP WhatsApp fights fake news with Indian newspaper ads The push follows the lynching of five men over fake messages. A vendor in New Delhi, India, reads a newspaper with a full back page advertisement from WhatsApp intended to counter fake information on Tuesday. WhatsApp took out newspaper ads to combat fake news in India on Tuesday, after rumors sparked the lynching of five men. The full-page ads, which ran in English, Hindi and other languages in daily papers, include tips for spotting fake news messages on WhatsApp. Readers are advised to check if a message has been forwarded — WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature to help people identify forwarded messages. Beyond that, the ad urges readers to double check facts, links and photos. There’s also a warning about viral messages. “Do not pay attention to the number of times you receive the message,” it reads. “Just because a message is shared many times, does not make it true.” “This morning we are starting an education campaign in India on how to spot fake news and rumors. Our first step is placing newspaper advertisements across the country in English, Hindi, and several regional languages.

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