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N.J. woman charged with hacking into Selena Gomez's personal accounts, faces prosecution in L.A.

N.J. woman charged with hacking into Selena Gomez Susan Atrach, 21, of Ridgefield Park, N.J., is accused of accessing Gomez’s accounts several times from June 2015 through February 2016, said Los Angeles County Deputy Dist. Atty. Ben Forer of the Cyber Crime Division, who is prosecuting the case. Atrach obtained stored media that she then posted online and shared with other people, he said. The accounts were an Apple iCloud account and a Yahoo account used by Gomez and an assistant. Sources familiar with the investigation, but who were not authorized to discuss it, said the young woman did not make any money off the information or convey it to publications. Gomez’s online security was compromised by the hacker resetting her passwords using information questions. The answers to those questions were readily available among hundreds of pieces of information about the singer and actress available online. Atrach is charged with five felony counts of identity theft; five felony counts of accessing and using computer data to commit fraud or to control or obtain money, property or data; and one felony count of accessing and using computer data or taking supporting documentation without permission. She is expected to surrender to authorities and be arraigned in court on or before Aug.

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But the charges against the six Catalan separatists remain, meaning they still face arrest if they return to Spain. The Schleswig-Holstein regional court in Germany accepted that Mr Puigdemont could be extradited for the charge of misusing public funds, but not for rebellion or sedition. Spain’s top judge Pablo Llarena says that in doing so, the German court showed a “lack of engagement” with the case and violated the arrest warrant rules. He accused it of undermining the Spanish supreme court’s powers. Read more stories on the Catalonia crisis: Spain outlawed the independence referendum held in Catalonia on 1 October. It also considers the subsequent Catalan independence declaration illegal. Facing arrest in Spain, Mr Puigdemont fled to Belgium and then moved on to Germany, where he remains on bail and has been fighting extradition. Image caption A big crowd rallied in Barcelona on 14 July in support of the separatist leaders The other Catalan separatists wanted in Spain are: Antonio Comin, Luis Puig, Meritxell Serret, Clara Ponsatí and Marta Rovira. Nine other top Puigdemont aides, including Oriol Junqueras, have been jailed in Spain pending trial. Last month Spain ended its temporary direct rule over Catalonia, as a new nationalist-led government was sworn in there, headed by Quim Torra, who is an ally of Mr Puigdemont. Judge Llarena said the German court handling the Puigdemont case had shown “a lack of engagement with certain facts that could have broken Spain’s constitutional order”.


(Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times) Clockwise from top left, Hermelindo Che Coc falls asleep watching television with his 6-year-old son Jefferson Che Pop after they arrived home from LAX. Che Coc packs away newly bought clothes for his 6-yr-old son, Jefferson Che Pop. Jefferson Che Pop is greeted by his grandfather after he was brought home. Che Coc arranges newly bought clothing for his 6-yr-old son, Jefferson Che Pop, in the Los Angeles area. (Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times) Che Coc waited at the end of a long corridor near the ticket counter. Within seconds, his little boy appeared in a red shirt and ripped jeans. He was walking fast, then suddenly he stopped, several feet from his father. He stared sheepishly at the floor. When he looked up, his eyes were vacant, lost.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-me-family-reunion-20180715-story.html

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