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Mirelz: Harvesting the power of Apples ARKit into online fashion shopping

Apple AR With AR, there are millions of possibilities and implementations that can be brought to the real world. For example, with AR, students can be withing the safe vicinity of the school and yet experience and explore areas such as space and underwater. Similarly, gamers can add a physical angle and excitement into the otherwise old-styled corner-seated gaming. Businesses can also now show off their products to consumers where buyers can almost experience the real thing right in front of their eyes. For example, BMW and Mercedes can showcase their cars on the user’s phone without them having to leave the comfort of their homes. They can show every part and features of the car without having the actual car in front of them. Concepts can also come to life with AR where developers, architects and engineers can imagine a product or concept without actually having to build it. And lastly, shopping gets even exciting where users can shop online and experience at the product through their smartphone through the eyes of AR without actually buying the product at all. For example, you can try a new furniture in your room without actually buying it, shipping it to your home or doing heavy lifting to move it around. Simply point your camera and choose where your furniture could go and it will create a real-life visual of the product in your room. Same goes for doing up interiors such as painting, wallpaper, furniture and a lot more, without actually having to do it.

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